Hallo und danke fürs Vorbeischauen. Hier erfährst du mehr über mich und meine Arbeit als Musikproduzent und “Recording Artist“. 

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Feel free to get some information about me and my work as a music producer and recording artist.



01/2024 In the next few months I will be keeping myself busy with the following projects: Saoirse Mhór / Siolta: new singles and an album that is in the making. Stefan Rauch: Children's musical, additional production, mix + mastering. Songwriting and production for various music publishers in the USA.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all friends, artists and colleagues. Fortunately, 2023 was a little more relaxed than the "special" Corona years before. There are also many interesting projects for 2024 and I am particularly looking forward to a whole new chapter in my career, namely that of a "Recording Artist". And of course I can't wait to welcome many of you back to my studio this year. Stay healthy and creative. Your great music is the reason that my daily work fulfills and inspires me. Thank you very much!

12/2023 Another new single has been released by the hard working guys from RETERNITY. This time a cover version of the Chris DeBurgh classic “A Spaceman Came Traveling”. I had the pleasure of arranging and producing everything. Don’t miss the video!

10/2023 The IRISH PALATINES have recorded the first part of their debut album. Traditional Irish folk in a line-up of three, supplemented by self-written songs.

09/2023 RETERNITY commissioned me to remix one of their early tracks called “I Love The Night”. As you can imagine, this very creative work is a lot of fun. And the fact that the end result is so well received by the clubs is of course particularly pleasing.

08/2023 Katja Kama has released a beautiful new ballad called "Wenn’s so weit ist“. A sparse piano/strings arrangement was just right for her thoughtful words.

07/2023 IVANHOE (Prog-Metal) has a new album in the pipeline. In addition to the vocal recordings, the mix and mastering, I was also allowed to deliver the lyrics and the vocal melody for a track. It is expected to be released by Massacre Records in May 2024.

05/2023  The trio Trimelli (2 acoustic guitars / 1 cello) play a wonderful mixture of folk and world music and have released their album "Arabesque". I had the pleasure of providing percussion and mixing and mastering the recordings.

04/2023 The Danish/English singer/songwriter Nigel Ray Beck presents his second album "Seven Sisters“. He is accompanied by such illustrious musicians as Joseph Parsons and his band, as well as Jess Klein, Tom Gillam, Ben Arnold and others. As with the previous album, I was allowed to take care of the mix and mastering again - thanks Nigel for the trust.

02/2023  A new album by the US Rails from Philadelphia called “Live For Another Day" has just been released. 10 great songs in their unique mix of country/rock and east coast sound. I had the pleasure of doing the mastering. Have fun and success with it guys, see you at one of the concerts.11/2022 The current album by Reternity "Cosmic Dreams" receives excellent reviews worldwide. In the meantime there is also a second single release out, including a video for the title: “Building Better Worlds“.   

 credits: production, co-writing, mix and mastering

10-2022 Completed production of Spanish singer/songwriter Jordi Sandalinas' next album. There was a lot of guitar playing, mixing and mastering to do. Good luck with it Jordi! 

09-2022 Rainer Thielmann (Album "Sonderglück") recently released a new lyric video. The title "Personal" fits perfectly into the time of permanent public and private excitement. Tip: Just shift down a gear and don't take everything so personally. :-)

06-2022  The new single "Es ist okay" by singer/songwriter Philipp Lumpp is out, including a great video. I have been accompanying Philipp as a coach and creative partner for more than 2 years. On this song I also worked as a co-writer and Stephan Piez produced it in Berlin.

02-2022 Hamburg-based melodic rockers Sign X have combined the release of their album "Back To Eden" with the release of another single. The corresponding lyric video can be found here

credits: album mix and mastering.


I've been in the music business for over 30 years now and after all this time I believe there are few jobs in the broader field of audio production that I haven't done. In the following Q&A you will learn about my beginnings, how things have developed and what else I have planned.

Q: Can you give a brief overview of your career so far?

A: Sure, I started out as a freelance studio engineer, initially producing everything from commercials to video scoring to artists and bands in very different musical genres. At the same time, I played in various bands as a songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboardist. I was also a co-producer for the dance label Shift, which had some notable success in the '90s. In the early 2000's I built my own studio and focused on producing rock and metal music. At the same time, I perfected my skills as a mastering engineer. Working closely with producer "Roy Z" I was able to do album mastering for artists like Fight (Rob Halford), Tribe Of Gypsies, The Last Vegas, Rob Rock and many more. This paved the way for me to many orders worldwide and the demand continues to this day.

Q: What kind of music do you feel most comfortable with?

A: Straight Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Metal (Melodic/Epic/Gothic), (Irish-)Folk, Country-(Rock), Guitar-Pop and any kind of “handmade“ music. Pure electronic stuff like Techno or House is not my cup of tea.

Q: Besides the typical engineering - what else do you offer?

A: Any kind of musical help needed to take a production to the next level. This can vary from single aspects like adding keyboards, guitars, bass, (backing) vocals, drums, percussion, to a more comprehensive approach that involves co-writing or even turning a rough melodic idea into a “radio-ready” song.

Q: So that we can keep the information compact, please name 5 other highlights of your career.

1. My first debut as a sole producer. This was done while working closely with the group Lanfear in the production of their second album Zero Poems. The worldwide attention and excellent reviews were remarkable. Especially when you consider my minimal studio technology and the small budget at the time.

2. The great opportunity to produce 30+ live albums / DVDs featuring artists such as The Brandos, Bottle Records, Steve Wynn, Julian Dawson, Cracker, Elliott Murphy, Iain Matthews, Joseph Parsons and others. Many of these releases were milestones in the careers of the bands and artists mentioned.

3. The production of the last album "Bangter Rites!" by the late great folk legend Colin Wilkie. He gave me complete freedom in arranging this magnificent collection of timeless songs. And we were both very proud and happy that it was so well received by the audience.

4. The long-standing collaboration with singer and lyricist Rainer Thielmann. In total, more than 40 songs were created through our teamwork. The highlight for the time being was the production of the album "Sonderglück", for which I was allowed to take over a large part of the compositions as well as the complete instrumentation and production.

5. As a last point I would like to mention some artists with whom I have worked on 3 or more releases: Mortal Love (Gothic Metal - 3 CDs) / Fleadh (Folk - 3 CDs) Saoirse Mhór + Síolta (Folk - 4 CDs) / Voices Of Destiny (Metal - 3 CDs) / Stefan Rauch (Musicals - 6 CDs) / Ivanhoe (Progressive Metal - 4 CDs) / Chalice + Sign X (Hard Rock - 3 CDs)

Q: Finally, please describe your philosophy as a producer.

A: It's all about the song! My job is to capture the listener's attention from the first to the last note. All artistic and technical decisions are influenced by it, this affects the arrangement, the vocal performance, the mixdown, ...everything!

A real example from my work as an arranger and producer. 

What started as a phone message becomes a finished song.


Sure, there is a technical aspect to mixing recordings. High-quality technology and a neutral listening room play a major role here. But the most important aspect is the emotional impact that a mix can create. It must be possible to take the listener by the hand and let him experience something exciting and unique - from the intro to the last note played. My big advantage is that I can judge external recordings neutrally and objectively the first time I hear them, and then it's quite easy for me to take all the other necessary steps. If I add to that my 30+ years of experience in audio mixing, it might explain why I'm particularly successful and well-booked in this area.

A little test for you. I'm curious if you can hear the difference between two mixes of the same track. The “(before) mixes“ were actually intended for release. The 2nd versions (after) were remixed by me and then ended up on the albums. All files are loudness matched.


It took me 15 years to transfer and develop my skills from mixing to mastering. So the goal is to really let a song shine and make it sound like a highly competitive and radio-ready recording. My service and prices are aimed primarily at independent artists. Although the results can compete with some of the best mastering houses in the world for a fraction of their prices.

Some of my clients put it this way:

Andy it sounds great! As a fellow mastering engineer I like to know what gear you are using.

Dave McNair (Belinda Carlisle, Little Steven, Los Lobos)

GREAT JOB  MAN! Once again you made me look good. Everyone is really pleased including

KK Downing and myself.

Roy Z (Rob Rock, The Last Vegas, The Tribe Of Gypsies)

Thanks again for doing such an amazing job. The guys and I are totally happy with the sound. 

Brett Rivera (Immortal Guardian)

Brilliant job as always!  

Peter Brander - Media Sound Studios, Denmark

The masters are perfect this is exactly what we had in mind.

Andre Jaramillo (Agony)


After more than 30 years of producing, writing, arranging and recording for over two hundred different artists and projects, it's time to finally present my very own music. Behind every played and recorded sound I stand as an instrumentalist, composer, producer and very often as a singer. You haven't heard anything more personal from me. And putting all of this together is the absolute best thing I've ever done in my entire career! On March 15th the first album under my name will be released. This will be a little journey through time, from my beginnings to my recent collaborations with various singers. From then on, the regular release of new songs is planned, which I will keep you up to date on here - so stay tuned!


How did the songwriting actually start for me? It began when I was given my first guitar at the age of 14. As much fun as playing well-known songs was, thinking up something of my own has always given me particular pleasure. When I stood on stage with the school band and played my first song at the age of 16, the foundation stone was finally laid. Hundreds of songs and compositions have emerged since then. These have been used in a variety of ways, some used in films, others in advertising, but most of these have certainly been interpreted by bands and solo performers. The fact that a small idea ultimately becomes a complete song is one of the most beautiful feelings that I, as a creative person, can experience. And these moments are especially valuable when I can share them with other co-writers.

How about you? What moves you and what do you want to write about? And how about having the support of a professional? I'm here if you need me and would be happy to help you.

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