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Since the beginning of my career in 1987 I worked on over 300 releases - way too much to mention.                                             So, this list only goes back until 2004.

01-2018   Goldschmitt "Konvoi Again" (song-production, mix, mastering)

01-2018   Sing-X (GER) 5-Song EP (mix, mastering)

11-2017   Chas West (US) "..." (mastering)    

10-2017   Hardpan (US) "Hardpan" (mastering)  / Ralf Schnyder (SUIS) mastering / Gaviriela (AUS) mastering

09-2017   IVANHOE (GER) "3 Song Demo" (vocal-rec, mix, mastering)

08-2017   ELA (GER) - Second Reality (co-produced, piano, backing-vocals, voc-rec-, mix, mastering)

07-2017   Saoirse Mhór (IE/GER) "Ghosts Of Tomorrow" (produced, co-engineered, percussion, bass, mix, mastering)

06-2017   Goldschmitt "Konvoi" (song-production, voc-rec, mix, mastering)

05-2017   Sea Goat "Tata" (GER) (co-engineered, add instruments, mix, mastering)

04-2017   Force Of Progress (GER) "Calculatd Risk" (mix and mastering)

03-2017   Sandra Eckstein (GER) "Meditation mit Klangschalen" (rec, mix, mastering) 

01-2017   Jetzt und Hier (GER) "Spitzenteam" (produced, rec, add guitars, piano, percussion, mix, mastering)

12-2016   Peter Brander (DK) "Town & Country" (mastering)

11-2016   Stefan Rauch (GER) "Und es geschah" Musical (voc-rec, guitars, mix, mastering)

10-2016   Joseph Parsons (US/D) "The Field/The Forest" (mastering)

09-2016   The Naghash Ensemble (USA/AM) "Songs of Exile - Vol. 2" (mastering)

09-2016   US Rails (USA) "Ivy" (mastering)

08-2016   Stefan Rauch / Christian Weber "Unüberhörbar" (voc-rec, guitars, mix, mastering)

07-2016   Lanfear (GER) "The Code Inherited" (vocal-recording) 

06-2016   Spitefuel (GER) "Never Surrender" (produced, rec, mix, mastering)

05-2016   Jordi Sandalinas (E) "Sons Of Orion" (add. guitars, drums, mix, mastering)

04-2016   ELA (GER) "Out Of This World" (co-produced, co-written, voc-rec, mix, mastering)

03-2016   Ben Arnold (USA) "Lost Keys" (mastering)

03-2016   Human Fortress (GER) "Defenders Of The Crown (re-mastering)

02-2016   Epiphany-Project (USA) "The Poet and the Revolution" (mastering)

01-2016   Fireleaf (GER) "Behind The Mask" (vocal-editing, mix, mastering)

11-2015   Ivanhoe (GER) "7 Days" (co-produced, voc+drum-rec, mix, mastering)

09-2015   Fleadh (GER) "Peacock's Feather" (co-produced, rec, mix, mastering)

08-2015   Weeping Silence (MT) "Opus IV Oblivion" (mastering)

07-2015   Elvis (GER) "Unabsteigbar" (mastering)      

06-2015   Funk Kartell (GER) "Stand Your Ground" (mastering)

06-2015   Octanic (AUS) "The Mask of Hypocrisy" (mastering)

05-2015   Hollow Illusion (N) "Hollow Illusion" (mastering)

04-2015   Art Of Shock (USA) "Open The Cage" (mastering)

03-2015   Manzano (E) "Mi Religíon" (mastering)

03-2015   Heathen Foray (A) "Into Battle" (mastering)    

02-2015   Ronnie James Dio / Tribute "A Light In The Black" (mastering)

02-2015   Chalice "Overyears Sensation" (vocal editing / mix / mastering)

01-2015   The Fried Okra Band (DK) "Back Into The River" (mastering)   

11-2014   The Naghash Ensemble "Song Of Exile" (mastering)

10-2014   Voices Of Destiny "Crisis Cult" (drum+vocal rec, mix, mastering)

09-2014   Helsott (N) "Woven" (mastering)

08-2014   Parsons/Thibaud "Eden" (mastering)

07-2014   Stefan Rauch "Broker-Musical" (vocal recording, mix, mastering)

06-2014   Reaper (GER)"An Atheist Monument" (mastering)

05-2014   Tom Gillam (USA) "Last Night On Earth" (mastering)

04-2014   Domenico Straface "All Alba Vincerò" (vocal recording, mix, mastering)       

03-2014   Bet Williams "The 11th Hour" (mastering)

01-2014   Julian Dawson (feat. Uli Kringler) "Paints And Powders" (mastering)

11-2013   Joseph Parsons "Empire Bridges" (mastering)   

10-2013   Nigel Ray Beck "13 Four Minute Songs" (mix and mastering)

10-2013   Roy Z "Zombie Squash - Soundtrack" (mastering)     

10-2013   The Last Vegas "new album - tba" (mastering)

09-2013   Madness Of The Night "The Asgarda" (mix and mastering)  

09-2013   Julian Dawson "Life and Soul" - Retrospective (re-mastering)

08-2013   Edenbridge "5 albums + bonus" (re-mastering)

08-2013   Renate "Shared Memories" (voc-rec, arrangements, mix, mastering)

08-2013   King Carrot "New Liberal Democracy" (mastering)

07-2013   Stefan Rauch "Musical - Schnarchi in Gefahr" (voc-rec, mix, mastering)

07-2013   Messenger "Starwolf" (mastering)  

06-2013   Goldkehlchen "Fernwehlieder" (voc-rec, add instruments, mix, mastering)   

05-2013   Ivanhoe "Systematrix" (voc-rec, drum-rec, mix, mastering)

04-2013   A Cosmic Trail "II. Mistral" (mix and mastering)

03-2013   US Rails "Heartbreak Superstar" (mastering)   

02-2013   The Dream Syndicate "EP" (re-mastering for vinyl)   

01-2013   Fleadh "The Cleggan Bay Disaster" (recording, mix, mastering)

12-2012   The Resentments "Welcome To Our Living Room" (live-recording)    

11-2012   2 Far Gone "The Sketchbook Session" (songwriting/production)  

10-2012   Rob Halford "Live In London" (mastering)

09-2012   Envinya "Inner Silence" (mastering)

08-2012   Tom Gillam "Good For You" (mastering)

07-2012   US Rails "Live in Germany 2012" - DVD/DoCD (mastering)

06-2012   Various albums with rare material by Santana, Iggy Pop, The Sweet, Molly Hatched (mastering)

05-2012   Rainer Thielmann "Für jeden Weg gibt es ein Lied" (songwriting, production)

04-2012   Plainsong "Fat Lady Singing" (album mastering)

03-2012   Katy Schulze "Wach auf!" (arrangement, recordings, mix and mastering)

02-2012   Todd Thibaud and Sean Staples "Live" (album mastering)

01-2012   Voices Of Destiny "Power Dive" (co-produced, vocal-recordings, mix + mastering)

12-2011   Steve Brockmann / George Andrade "Airs" (album mastering)

11-2011   MC Hansen "Trilogy" (album mastering) 

10-2011   Hank Shizzoe "Live at the Blue Rose Christmasparty 2010" (live-recording, mix, mastering)

09-2011   Westwood "After All This Time" (production/various instruments/mix/mastering)

08-2011   Glyder "Backroad To Byzantium" (album mastering)

07-2011   Parsons/Thibaud "Transcontinental Voices" (album mastering)

07-2011   US Rails "Southern Canon" (album mastering)     

06-2011   Effy & Eliten / Denmark (album mastering)     

05-2011   Todd Thibaud "Live At The Rockpalast/Crossroads" (album/dvd-mastering)

04-2011   Slow Collision / Denmark (album mastering)

03-2011   The Healing Road "Backdrop" (album mastering)

03-2011   Lanfear "This Harmonic Consonance" (vocal-recordings)

02-2011   Colin Wilkie "Bangter Rites!" (production, various instruments, recording, mastering, mix)       

02-2011   Joseph Parsons "Hope For Centuries" (album-/stem-mastering) 

01-2011   Neuffer GmbH (musicproduction for film/dvd)

12-2010   Tutweiler "Comin' In" (album mastering)     

12-2010   Blue Rose Christmas Party (live recording) 

11-2010   Peter Brander (album mastering)

11-2010   Die Widderlichen "Es gibt Tage..." (recording, mix, mastering)

10-2010   Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers "Live At The Red River Saloon" (recording, mix, mastering)

10-2010   Exciter "Death Machine" (mastering)

09-2010   Fleadh "Humpy 'n' Lumpy" (recording, mix, mastering)

09-2010   Bloody Merry / Denmark (album mastering)

08-2010   Messiah "5 Re-Releases" (mastering / re-mastering)

07-2010   Urban Primate (album mastering)

06-2010   Blue Rose Christmas Party 2008 / Live-Album (recording, mix, mastering)

05-2010   Wyler AG, Söhner Group (musicproduction for film/dvd)   

04-2010   Wissensfabrik (musicproduction for film/dvd)  

03-2010   Rene Machon, Rebound Rubies (mastering)       

02-2010   Julian Dawson “Live“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

01-2010   Cracker “Live at the Rockpalast/Crossroads 2008“ DoCD/DVD (mix, mastering)

12-2009   Jason and the Scorchers, Willie Nile, Blue Rose Rockestra (live-recording)

12-2009   Voices Of Destiny “From The Ashes“ CD (production, mix, mastering)

11-2009   Missing Tide “Follow The Dreamer“ CD (mastering)

10-2009   Joseph Parsons “Slaughterhouse Live“ DoCD (recording, mix, mastering)

08-2009   Clear Acoustic Message “C.A.M.“ CD (recording, mix, mastering, add. instr. + vocals) 

07-2009   Rainer Thielmann “Ich warte heut auf nichts“ Single-CD (production, mix, mastering, songwriting, all instr.)

06-2009   Glyder “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow“ CD (mastering)

06-2009   “Fever - Africa starts rollin‘“ Documentary Film (score, theme-songs, production)

05-2009   The Band Of Heathens “Live at the Blue Rose Christmas Party“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

04-2009   Jordi Sandalinas “Insight“ CD (mix, mastering, add. instruments + vocals)

03-2009   Hank Shizzoe & The Directors “Live at Motown“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

02-2009   Andem (Russia) “Daughter of the moonlight“ CD (mix, mastering)

01-2009   James McMurtry, Jon Dee Graham (live-recording)

01-2009   MC Hansen “Pariah“ (mastering)

12-2008   Steve Wynn & The Dragon Bridge Orchestra “Live in Brussels“ DoCD/DVD (mix, mastering)

11-2008   Wizard “Thor“ CD (drums and vocal recording)

10-2008   Vocalis “In Concert“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

09-2008   Destination‘s Calling “Invisible Walls“ CD (mastering)

08-2008   Krump “Nothing Goes Unpunished“ CD (mastering)

07-2008   Rainer Thielmann “Wie noch nie“ Single-CD (production, mix, mastering, songwriting, all instr.)

07-2008   Various Artists “Blue Rose Christmas Party 2007“ 3CD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

06-2008   Lanfear “X to the power of ten“ CD (additional vocal recordings for 3 tracks)

05-2008   Sebastian Bach “Angel Down - Extended Version“ CD/DVD (mix, mastering of various live-recordings)

04-2008   Lost Eden (live-recording)

04-2008   Saoirse Mhór “Thursday Asks“ CD (mix, mastering, additional instr. + percussion)

03-2008   The Brandos “From Town To Town, Sun To Sun“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

02-2008   The Healing Road “Timanfaya“ CD (mix, mastering)

01-2008   Exciter “Thrash, Speed, Burn“ (mastering)

01-2008   Fight (feat. Rob Halford) “A small deadly space“ re-mixed CD (mastering)

01-2008   Fight (feat. Rob Halford) “War Of Words“ re-mixed CD (mastering)

12-2007   Andem (Russia) “Andem“ CD (mastering)

11-2007   Parsons - Thibaud “Parsons - Thibaud“ CD (mastering)

10-2007   Dany & Dusty “Here‘s to you Max Morlock“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

08-2007   Various Artists “Blue Rose Christmas Party 2006“ 3CD (recording, mix, mastering)

07-2007   Super Baby Face (Universal Japan) mastering

07-2007   Iain Matthews “Contact“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

06-2007   The Bearded “Hope/Omid“ DoCD (mastering)

05-2007   imperia “Queen Of Light“ CD (mastering)

05-2007   Sebastian Bach “Angel Down“ (mastering for pre-release)

04-2007   Various Artists “Keep It True 6“ DVD (live-recording)

04-2007   Steve Brockmann “Expected Errors“ (mastering)

04-2007   Unterwegs (live-recording, mastering)

03-2007   The Silos “This Highway Is A Circle“ (recording, mix, mastering)

03-2007   Joseph Parsons “Live Heilbronn 19.10.2006“ (recording, mix, mastering)

02-2007   Cornerstone “Two Tales Of One Tomorrow“ CD (mastering)

01-2007   The Healing Road “The Healing Road“ CD (mastering)

12-2006   Todd Thibaud “Live“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

12-2006   The Resentments (live-recording)

11-2006   Mortal Love “Forever Will Be Gone“ (mix, mastering)

11-2006   Toxic Smile & Orchestra “Classic Extension“ (live-recording)

10-2006   Saoirse Mhór “Skin“ (mastering)  

10-2006   Cindy Bullens “Live“ (recording, mix, mastering)

09-2006   HI-FI “Complete Works“ (re-mastering)

08-2006   Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 “Live Tick“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

07-2006   T (aka Thomas Thielen) “Voices“ CD (mix, mastering)

06-2006   Tribe Of Gypsies “Dweller On The Threshold“ CD (mastering) 

05-2006   Weißdorn “Celtic Remedy“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

04-2006   The Silos “Come On Like The Fast Lane“ CD (mastering)

04-2006   “Timebank / Die Zeitbank“ Documentary Film (score, voice-overs)

03-2006   Violent Storm “Stormwarning“ CD (mastering)

01-2006   Bottle Rockets “Live In Heilbronn“ DoCD (recording, mix, mastering)

12-2005   Steve Wynn “Bruises“ EP (live-recording, mix, mastering)

11-2005   Various Artists “Keep It True 5“ DVD (live-recording)

11-2005   Chris Cacavas & The Slivers Of Hope “Live at the Laboratorium“ (recording, mix, mastering)

10-2005   Razorback “Criminal Justice“ (mastering)

09-2005   Chalice “Best Of“ (re-mastering)

09-2005   Dawnrider “Fate Is Calling“ (mastering)

09-2005   Manticora /3 albums “Darkness With Tales To Tell“, “Hyperion“, Roots Of Eternity“ (re-mastering)

08-2005   Joseph Parsons Squad “Live Stuttgart 2005“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

06-2005   Todd Thibaud “Rock The Lab“ DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

05-2005   Cornerstone “In Concert“ DoCD (mastering)

05-2005   Dominik Marx “Why Do We Go“ EP-CD (mastering)

04-2005   Various Artists “Keep It True 4“ DVD (live-recording)

04-2005   Mortal Love “I Have Lost“ CD (mix, mastering)

02-2005   Sandalinas “Living On The Edge“ CD (mastering)

02-2005   Ad Vanderveen & The O‘Neils “Live“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

01-2005   Lanfear “Another Golden Rage“ CD (mastering)

11-2204   Elliott Murphy & Band “Twelfth Night“ DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

11-2004   Various Artists “Keep It True 3“ DVD (live-recording)

10-2204   Susann Cowsill & Band (live-recording)

10-2004   Rainer Thielmann “Zwischen den Meeren“ CD (songwriting, production, all instr., mix, mastering) 

09-2004   Edenbridge “A Livetime In Eden“ CD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

09-2004   Rich Hopkins & The Luminarios “Live 2004“ DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

08-2004   Say ZuZu “Live In Germany“ DoCD (recording, mix, mastering)

07-2204   Iain Matthews & Ad Vanderveen / Bonus-DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

06-2004   Majesty “Metal Law“ DoCD/DVD (recording, mix, mastering)

04-2004   Toxic Smile “RetroTox Forte“ CD (mix, mastering)

04-2004   Balance Of Power “Heathenology Live 2004“ (recording) 

03-2004   Razorback “Animal Anger“ CD (mastering)

02-2004   Chris Cacavas “Self Taut“ CD (mastering)

01-2004   Terry Lee Hale “Celebration What For“ CD (mastering) 

01-2004   Westwood “Live“ CD (recording, mix, mastering)

01-2004   Cornerstone “Once Upon Our Yesterdays“ CD (mastering)