Hello, my name is Andy Horn and I welcome you to this website where I would like to introduce myself as a musical sideman for your film, TV or advertising project. My previous work includes custom orders for several documentaries and commercials, including brands such as Lexmark, Fiat, Seitenbacher and many more. My library music has been licensed to companies such as Junghans, Agfa, Bosch, Telekom, among others.

At the beginning of my career I mainly composed instrumental songs. Today I focus on producing music with vocals that can be classified into the singer/songwriter, folk or traditional pop/rock genres. 

I'm used to writing according to the requirements of a brief and am happy to help you support the mood or message of a particular scene or product.

If you are interested, please send me a message directly to the studio.

I am also looking for competent co-writers who understand what the “sync world” is all about and am particularly looking forward to working with experienced lyricists to build a high-quality catalog together.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Genre: Folk / Singer-Songwriter 

Title: The Day You Walked Away

Credits: Music, Production, Vocals

Genre: 90s Pop / Rock 

Title: Carry Me Away

Credits: Music, Production

Genre: 80s Classic Rock 

Title: Waiting For The Rain 

Credits: Music, Production, Vocals

Genre: Trad. Country

Title: My Sunny Side 

Credits: Music, Production, Vocals

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Pop

Title: Leopard Soul (Custom Order / Docu) 

Credits: Music, Production

Genre: 90s Radio Pop

Title: Face The Music

Credits: Music, Production

Genre: Happy Go Lucky / Folk / Advertising

Title: Tell Me About Your Dreams 

Credits: Music, Lyrics, Production, Vocals

Genre: Instrumental / Stomp Rock

Title: All Eyes On You 

Credits: Music, Production

Genre: Instrumental / Percussion Cue

Title: Vibrant View 

Credits: Music, Production

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